Shocking CCTV footage shows toddler being kicked by a horse

This is the shocking moment an unsupervised toddler was kicked to the ground by a large horse in Vietnam. During the CCTV footage the young child is seen poking the horse’s leg before running away from the animal that is stood outside a convenience store on a high street.





However after returning yet again to poke the animal for a third time the infuriated horse kicks the infant into the air with his hind legs. Following the horse’s kick the boy is seen hitting his head against the wheel of the motorbike behind him before falling to the stone ground below.



As the toddler begins crying a woman in an orange top and black trousers is seen rushing out of the convenience to the boy’s aid. The video, which was uploaded onto the website LiveLeak, has since gathered more than 160,000 views and nearly 500 comments.



One user wrote: ‘Not actually his fault. Kids that age can’t really control their urges. ‘The blame belongs to the parents, who should have been watching their child.’ Others pointed out that the horse had restrained the power with which it kicked the toddler so as to cause minimal harm. Another user wrote: ‘Looks like horse restrained the kick so as not to kill the kid. Animals are smarter than you think.’



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