Brazen squirrel takes on snake to defend its home in California

This is the incredible moment a brave squirrel fights off a snake and sends it slithering away through the grass. The footage shows the squirrel and the snake tangling as it defends its home in California, US.





The squirrel even appears to bite the snake as it chases and wrestles with the reptile, which is forced to slink away. The start of the video shows the squirrel cautiously inching past the snake which is wrapped around it. It seems as if the squirrel has managed to sneak away but, at the last moment, the snake lunged at the animal. This startles the person filming and they turn the camera away in panic.



Yet to there surprise, the squirrel seems to be winning the encounter and they soon start filming again. You can see the snake flinch away as the brave squirrel chases after it and bites it continuously. The snake tries to wrestle the rodent into submission but is completely unsuccessful.



The squirrel is tough and tenacious and battles the snake on a wooden bridge, through bushes, on a walking path and then through some more grass. It can be seen leaping over the reptile’s fangs and grabbing hold of its tail. The video ends with the squirrel and snake locked in a stand off a fair distance away from where they started the battle.



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