Tourist films wild elephants charging sightseeing van on safari

Nail-biting footage shows a herd of wild elephants charge at tourists watching them from a safari bus forcing the driver to quickly retreat. The group were watching the majestic beasts from their vehicle, which was parked up on a dirt track in Bandipur National Park, southern India.





But when one of the elephants spots the bus on the path it starts running at it and the man behind the wheel quickly flicks his engine on and reverses. The elephant remains inches from the bus’s bonnet as it shoots backwards, with the driver frantically twisting the steering wheel to keep it on the path.



But the elephant eventually gives up the chase and can be seen seconds later wandering into the forest with the rest of the herd. The driver said: ‘It is not quite a sane idea to cross the point where the elephant stands. It is better to stop and let them move out before proceeding.’



He added: ‘The rage of the wild elephants can befall upon us.’ The vehicle was not damaged and no tourists were injured.



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