Suspect Sent Flying After Florida Deputy Tasers Him For Driving Erratically With Stolen Tractor

A Florida deputy used his stun gun to subdue a man during a struggle after he was pulled over for driving a stolen tractor erratically, authorities said.

Charles Nicholas McNeil, 28, was stopped by a deputy in Washington County, in the western Panhandle, shortly after noon Sept. 28.

After the traffic stop, the video shows the man talking with the deputy, who removes a knife and a bottle of prescription pills from McNeil’s pockets.

Suspect Drives Off WIth Stolen Tractor

When the deputy tries to handcuff McNeil, a struggle ensues. The deputy said McNeil struck him and tried to throw him to the ground, then ran away.

The video then shows the deputy tasering McNeil, who collapses on the pavement.

McNeil had been released from prison earlier this year. He faces charges of battery on a law-enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, drug possession and providing a false name.

Suspect Sent Flying By Taser

A 71-year-old man had reported the tractor stolen, and deputies said they will add a grand-theft charge against McNeil.

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