Three-year-old boy shocks onlookers by playing with two snakes

Jaw-dropping footage shows a three-year-old boy playing with two huge snakes. The toddler can be seen picking up the reptiles, sitting on them and throwing them around in Haryana, India.





Stunned onlookers watch as he amuses himself with his family’s non-venomous water snakes – which are prone to lashing out if provoked. At one point, the boy scoops up one of the creatures then slams it down onto the concrete.



His heavy-handed approach to playing with the snakes attracts the attention of his father, who tells him: ‘Don’t throw it this way’.



A neighbour said: ‘We know of the family owning pet snakes. The boy plays with it regularly. ‘We have seen him before, as today lots of people had come to watch him. I too came to watch the kid play.’



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