Truck Driver Has No Idea He’s Slamming Other Drivers With A 12 Foot Pipe

A clueless driver hit a bunch of cars with a giant pipe sticking out the side of his work truck.



It’s incredible what you can see when you’re on the road. Lucky for us, one quick-thinking man pulled out his camera and caught all the action on film for us. His response is fantastic.




The video, recorded on a Union City road, shows the open-top truck transporting a number of oversized objects, including what appears to be a plastic pipe that ended up sticking out to the side at an angle.

The pipe collides with multiple vehicles, including a school bus, without the truck driver taking notice. Multiple drivers honk at the truck to try to get the driver’s attention and it finally pulls over, striking a street sign in the process.




It was unclear whether any of the vehicles were damaged.

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