Indian Man Tries to Help Injured Leopard, Gets Attacked Instead

A resident of India’s Bageshwar district had a near-death experience this week after his attempts to help an injured leopard went sour when the big cat, suspicious of the man’s actions, opted to retaliate and attack him.

Footage of the incident shows the leopard snap at Singh as he’s tightening the ropes, biting his hand and later clawing his leg as others quickly try to deescalate the situation. Some locals are seen hitting the leopard multiple times with a large stick before being able to pull Singh away from danger.

Man Tries To Save Injured Leopard

The video eventually cuts off as the bloodied Singh gets a hold of himself and walks away from the encounter. He was later admitted to a local area hospital.

According to Indian newspaper The Statesmen, the violent misunderstanding unfolded on Wednesday after a group of concerned locals spotted the hurt cat lying along the bank of the Saryu river near the Chaura village. It was eventually determined by officials from the local forest department that the leopard was suffering from paralysis, leaving it unable to move the lower half of its body.

Man Attacked by Leopard

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