Homeowner Catches Delivery Man Urinating On His Doorstep

The video shows him saunter up the steps of the property, apparently with his knob out, while simultaneously sprinkling urine all over the place like a filthy fountain, showing zero regard for the porch or his boots.

It really makes no sense. In some ways, it would be more understandable if he was running while pissing, because then at least you could argue that maybe he was behind schedule and was doing his best to save time. But the guy is strolling – why not take the time to choose a better spot, or at least allow yourself the luxury of standing still while pissing?

Package Delivery man Scandal

Unsurprisingly, Scott Anderson – owner of the debased porch – said he was shocked when he saw the footage on his doorbell camera. What’s more, he claims he is yet to retrieve his post out of fear of what might be on it – which seems a little dramatic.

Considering just how brash the postie appears in the video, Mr Anderson might consider himself fortunate not to have received a very special delivery indeed… the kind of package you would not sign for… a large, brown package if you will. Hope that’s clear.

Man Pees On Doorstep

He was just marking his territory.

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