Girl Saved From Brutal Faceplant By Doorman’s Quick Actions

A young girl tripped and fell in while coming into this building but luckily the doorman had pressed the button to open the doors before she smashed her face on them. This girl and her teeth are grateful that the universe conspired to save them this time around.



A man operating an automatic door has made the greatest save of the century.


Girl Saved From Brutal Faceplant By Doorman's Quick Actions


At the beginning of the video, a little girl trips as she’s entering the building, and is about to hit a locked door in front of her — face first.

Thankfully, the man at the front desk managed to hit the button that opens the door just in time. The little girl still falls, but through the doorway instead of hitting her face.


Receptionist Just Happens To Open Locked Automatic Doors Right As A Girl Is About To Face Plant Into Them


Definitely take a look at this entire scene and be amazed at how quickly this guy slams that button. We need more people like this man in this world.

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