Circus Elephant Was Performing When It Fell Down—Other Elephants Running To It To Check If It’s Alright

It is rare for one to manage to catch both displays of emotions at once but recently, under the big top, a Russian circus put audiences at the edge of their seats and melt their hearts at the same time!

The circus started to reach its climax when performers took out three tiers of the platform and one elephant made a move to climb it On the left side of the stage, it can be seen that two other elephants are patiently watching their brother’s act in the spotlight

While on the platform, the elephant looks from left to right as if it was scared or seeking assurance from its other siblings

Elephant Balances

As if the heights weren’t scary enough, an elephant trainer began signaling from the grounds and the elephant on the platform slowly raised its hind legs

The circus crowd can be heard showing their amazement and applause for the difficult trick the elephant just pull off. However, the surprise did not end there.

Elephant Falls

Shortly after the stunt, the elephant’s nightmare came true. It lost its balance and fell from three tiers of a high platform!

The two elephants who were watching from the side earlier quickly came to his rescue and check if he’s okay

Although the scene was chaotic when the elephant fell, it turned into “awws” and “oohs” in a second when the other elephants came forward to help their brother.

Concerened Elephants Rush To Help

The display of affection shows that animals have hearts just as big as humans, to help those who are in need.

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