Racist Woman Calling Herself ‘Jeremy Kyle Wannabe’ Launches Vile Rant About Immigrants on London Train

A woman unleashed a vile racist rant against British Asians on a London train. The woman reportedly “spent 20 minutes spewing hate speech ” at teacher Nassima Iggoute and her friends on a London Overground train on Saturday night.

The unnamed woman, dressed in high heels, reacted to being filmed by saying: “Britain! F*** you all – and get that on YouTube. Get it back to civilization, mate. “Oh, I’m a Jeremy Kyle wannabe – I couldn’t give a f***. I’m British, let Britain be British.

“Because I’m on a train, there ain’t one f*****g British c*** on here. “And what? And what? Boo hoo, you’re crying. Boo hoo, boo hoo.”

Woman Shouts Racist Rants

When the woman filming asked her if she had anything else you want to add, she replied: “F*** you, f*** you b***h, f*** you.”

The foul-mouthed racist was then asked how she feels about immigrants, saying: “How do I feel about immigrants? F*** off! “Britain is a small country, it’s had enough. We don’t want any more immigrants, we want Britain to be Britain.”

Finally, while making hand gestures and pointing to her groin, she added: “F*** that c***, f*** it.”

Racist Rant Viral

Pure filth.

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