Thrill SeeThrill Seeker’s Safety Harness Snaps as He Leaps on Stepping Stones 500ft Above the Ground in China

A thrill seeker got the fright of his life when his safety harness came loose hundreds of feet above the ground at an extreme attraction in China.

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A video of the incident has become trending in China, and the authority said the incident was caused by park workers who had not operated the facility properly. The terrifying footage was filmed at the Wansheng Ordovician, a theme park in China’s Chongqing city which is renowned for its extreme activities.

The male tourist was leaping on a series of planks at some 500 feet above the ground when the safety rope suddenly became unlatched from his back.

Chinese Thrill Seeker

The incident occurred on October 1, the first day of the week-long National Day Holiday in China when millions of people started their family vacations.

The tourist was enjoying an attraction called ‘Extreme Leaps’ or ‘Ji Xian Fei Yue’ in Chinese.

Rope Snaps 500ft Off Air

The Propaganda Bureau of Wansheng Economic Development Zone, which manages the publicity of the area, had previously told Chinese media that the video was a ‘marketing stunt’. But the response drew waves of criticism from the public, who accused the authority of evading responsibility.

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