4-year-old Boy Rescued After Getting Stuck Inside a Washing Machine at a Launderette After Climbing in as a Prank

This is the shocking moment a four-year-old boy was found stuck inside a washing machine at a launderette. Rescue workers were left trying to break the door open with equipment after the boy, who was playfully trying to hide inside one of the washing machines, was found locked inside.

The incident took place at Pakhor Dobi, a self-service laundrette in the Taman Mutiara area of Sungai Kob in Malaysia. In the CCTV footage, workers are seen breaking the cabinet ring of the machine in order to break open the washing machine and pull out the child.

Two workers are then seen holding the hand of the child and after numerous attempts, finally, pull him out from inside the machine.

His distressed mother, who saw the rescue unfold, was then seen rushing to her boy’s aid and lifting him to her chest in relief.

Workers Save Boy

The child, who had entered the launderette with his mother, had worked his way into the machine while his parent was handing in her clothes to the store manager.

However, when his panicked mother was unable to find her child the alarm bells were sounded.

The distressed mother immediately called for help and the workers in the complex started a marathon operation to rescue the child out of the washing machine.

Mom Carries CHild

After the child was rescued, his mother was immediately seen carrying him in her arms and walking out of the complex.

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