New Mother Abandons Her One-day-old Baby in a Rubbish Bin on the Way to Work in Brazil

A first-time mother callously dumped her newborn daughter in a litter bin then went to work as normal because she didn’t want to lose her job, Brazilian police claim.

The baby girl was found wrapped in a pink blanket tucked inside a bag still attached to her umbilical cord on Monday evening by a local resident.

Witnesses heard the child crying outside their properties in a residential part of Uberaba, south-east Brazil, and alerted emergency services.

First Time Mother Dumps Baby

Police arrested the 25-year-old woman at her workplace in the city after colleagues heard news of the abandoned baby and became suspicious the employee could have given birth because she appeared to have lost ‘a lot of weight off her belly’ overnight.

Apparently, the new mother, who works as a cleaner, had only been in the job at a car dealership for two months and had reportedly hidden her pregnancy from bosses for fear of losing the position.

Mother Dumps Baby While On Her Way To Work

Some take recycling to new heights.

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