Police Officer Tasers Boy in Front of Stunned College Students Because He Was ‘resisting Arrest’

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a police officer tasers a 17-year-old boy – directly in front of his fellow college students. The student had reportedly been refusing to leave Middlesbrough College this afternoon and was ‘resisting arrest’.

In the footage, the young student can be seen tackling a police officer and grabbing on to his clothes.

But just moments later the sound of a taser sends shudders through the crowd as the teenager hits the ground with a thud.

Police Tackle Teenage Boy

Cleveland Police said that the student was ‘posing an on-going threat to staff and students’ and ‘injured the officer’ in the tussle. Leading to the use of a taser.

In the moments leading up to the incident, the police officer can be heard urging the student to let go.

Teenage Boy Tasered By Cops

Eventually, several people try to restrain the teenager, but just moments later the taser is fired.

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