The World’s Toughest Commute: Teachers Float Down Rapids To Get To School

Teaching is not usually thought of as a dangerous profession, but for a brave few staff members at a remote school in the Philippines, their morning commute resembles an extreme sport.

These teachers have to make it down white water rapids just to reach their classes on time, wading through 14 stretches of water before they arrive at the school for indigenous youngsters in Libacao in the Aklan region of the Philippines.

When the rivers are flowing dangerously fast after heavy downpours, they need to don waterproof suits and put their paperwork in plastic zip bags to keep dry.

Teachers Cross Rapids

Footage taken on September 19 shows the teachers climbing into the river to be carried downstream and then swimming to the bank on the opposite side.

Teacher Raquel Florentino said that the river in the video is merely the fifth crossing -they had to paddle through another nine before reaching the school.

Teachers Float Across Rapids TO Get To School

And they’re getting paid less than so-called ‘models’ on Instagram.

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