Speed flyer glides just inches from the ground as he swoops down a mountain in Italy

Stunning footage shows a man speed flying down the Kronplatz mountain in Italy. The hypnotic footage shows the unidentified daredevil swooping and gliding his way through the stunning scenery on a remarkably clear day.





It is not clear how the footage was filmed but the man can be seen effortlessly skimming the ground as he gracefully swans past hills and even somersaults twice as he flies along. Speed Flying is a new winter sport created by paraglider pilots and skydivers to create a link between paragliding and skiing. Speed flying wings are usually between 12 and 18 sq.m in area. Below about 12 sq.m, the wings are used predominantly for speed riding which is foot-launching on snow with skis.



Kronplatz mountain in South Tyrol is situated in the beautiful Pustertal Valley, Kronplatz is considered by many to be the number one wintersports resort in South Tyrol and is also a popular summer destination for families.



The mountain has a summit elevation of 2275 metres above sea level. Kronplatz is not only the name of the mountain but of the whole holiday region which comprises of the breathtaking Puster Valley and other side valleys. In the winter it is a ski resort and some of the lifts remain open in the summer for other activities such as walking, climbing and mountain biking.



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