Boy tries to mount horse before it trotts without him

This is the bizarre moment a man tries to jump on horse to go for a ride- but gets flung high into the air instead. Footage captured the moment the 18-year-old student gets ready to mount a grey horse bareback in a field in Colorado.



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The man, a student at University of Colorado Boulder, prepares himself by gripping the animal’s mane before trying to launch himself up and over. He flips his legs round to straddle the horse and manages to get a good grip with his feet before the animal decides it doesn’t like it.



Suddenly, the animal bolts and runs off in the opposite direction leaving the student scrabbling to hold on. He is flung sideways off the horse and flips round in the air before landing with a thud on the grass.



The person filming the video can be heard shouting profanities in disbelief as the boy lands on the ground. Luckily, the man doesn’t appear to have injured himself during the bizarre moment and manages to see the funny side by laughing.



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