Man Saves Squirrel’s Life With CPR in Brooklyn Park Viral Video

Well, this is just lovely. Brooklyn Park Police Department shared a video, which is now quickly going viral, of a Good Samaritan saving a squirrel’s life.

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The young man, who has not been identified, pulled over to help the little critter after accidentally hitting it with his car, despite trying to swerve to avoid it.

A pair of police officers pulled over to see what was happening and found the man applying a heart massage to the shocked squirrel.

Man FInds Dead Squirrel

Slowly but surely the previously knocked out squirrel regained consciousness, sprang up and sprinted for cover.

The delighted Samaritan then shared some laughs and high-fives with the watching officers.

Man Saves Squirrels Life

“We’ll put you in for a lifesaving award,” one of the officers said.

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