Family Attempts To Call The Police on Trio of Humpback Whales

A whale surprised a family out on Puget Sound over the weekend, swimming right under their boat as reactions from family members ranged from “fascinated” to “terrified.”

In a video originally posted to Facebook, we see three humpback whales appear directly alongside and under a family’s boat out on the water near Lynnwood. While the family’s father did what he could to focus attention on the beauty of what was transpiring, we can hear the wife calling 911, fearing that their boat could be tipped by the gentle giants.

Family Gets Surprised By Whales

The father correctly points out that they should not start the motor with the whales directly adjacent, going on to remark on how rare an occurrence this is for anyone, much less a family out for a casual boat ride on a weekend.

A typical whale-watching tour can cost as much as $100 a person, with no guarantee that you’ll actually get close enough to see much of anything. That being so, this family was lucky enough to get the full experience free of charge.

Mom Tries To Call Police

Callin the popo on innocent whales.

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