Binmen Are Viciously Attacked by Thugs in Footage That Captures the Daily Dangers They Face

Shocking footage has emerged of binmen being attacked by frustrated motorists on their rounds.

The CCTV clips show refuse workers being abused by both residents and drivers, some of whom have been filmed mounting the pavement to get round wagons.

It has got so bad that a ‘Respect Campaign’ has been launched to try to reduce the abuse, violence and reckless driving that Durham County Council say is putting workers and the public in danger.

Garbage Men Assaulted

Oliver Sherratt, head of direct services at the council, said: ‘The vast majority of our residents know that the bin crews have a demanding job, working in all weathers, providing a valued service and like I are shocked and appalled to see the footage of assaults and near misses.

Durham County Council fitted CCTV to the bin wagons and released the footage to show the extent of what they face.

Angry Motorist Attack Garbage Man

Garbage behavior.

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