Man Smacks A Snoozing Girl On Head With His Phone On Train

A Japanese salaryman hit a sleeping woman in the face with his mobile phone after she started leaning on his shoulder.



The pair were filmed sitting next to each other on a packed commuter train with the woman already in a deep slumber. The woman was holding her bag on her lap, next to the man in glasses and wearing a face mask.


After taking a swift swipe at the sleeping commuter the man them calmly places the device back in his briefcase


As she began to gradually lean more and more towards her fellow passenger, he took his phone out of his briefcase as if to look at it – but instead of examining the screen he suddenly smacked her in the forehead.


The mask-wearing businessman takes a swing at the sleeping woman, which makes an audible thud on her forehead as it makes impact


Some people questioned why the video was taken, but the person behind the video said he started recording after the man had already hit her three times and so started recording in case he smacks again.

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