Girl loses her shoe during military parade but manages to slip it back on without breaking stride

A student who has accidentally lost her shoe during a military parade managed to slip it back on without breaking stride. The clip filmed in China shows military school teachers directing the mini parade, which was conducted among classes to mark the end of their training.





Military training is a mandatory course for secondary and university students in China. Usually one to two weeks long, students receive training on physical exercises and basic survival skills. The amusing video shows a class of students, dressed in military uniforms, marching in formation towards the podium, where there teachers are seen standing.



However, a girl in the front row accidentally lost her shoe. It was seen being tossed onto the track ahead of the group as the students continue to march towards it. Instead of panicking, the student was seen marching calmly over the shoe and was able to quickly step in it without breaking stride.



The stunt impresses and amuses the teachers on the podium who can be seen chuckling. Net users found the video hilarious and were impressed by the girl’s skills. ‘Very good kung fu!’ one user said. ‘The military school trained her well.’



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