Guy Films His BASE Jump Going Terribly Wrong

“I impacted on soft ground right next to rocks which probably had killed me if I had hit them.”



A BASE jumper filmed himself as he crashed to earth, narrowly avoiding death. The man recorded the moment he leapt from a mountain in the Swiss Alps before he then started heading towards some trees.

He can be seen colliding with the branches before hitting the ground as his parachute collapses.


The BASE jumper crashed to earth, narrowly avoiding being killed by the landing after hitting a tree


The jumper said he got into difficulty after his lines became tied in a knot and his fall was slowed down by a tree. But once he hit the tree he began falling again as the tree did not catch the canopy.

As he lands on the ground he can be heard screaming in pain three times and then tries to get out from under his parachute.


After the fall was slowed by tree branches the BASE jumper then began falling again and spun toward the ground


The jump happened in Lauterbrunnen, Bern, Switzerland, on May 26 last year. He was an experienced jumper with 55 previous jumps in 2017, he said.

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