Police chase man wearing only swimming trunks and a sailor’s hat sleeping on a donkey

This is the hilarious moment a bleary-eyed reveller was seen slumped on the back of a donkey.



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During the video, the half-naked man, wearing only his swimming trunks and a white sailor hat, is seen face forward on a moving donkey in an unknown location, with guards, who appear to be in Russian uniform, trailing behind. Blissfully unaware of his surroundings, the man remains slumped forward on the animal as the guards walk behind him and keep watch.



In the video, a bemused crowd looks on at the amusing sight, unaware of where the man is going or how he came to be in the drowsy state. The viral video has so far gathered more than one million views on Facebook and more than 18,000 shares.



On Facebook one user wrote: ‘Omg that was me in Benidorm lol’ Another user commented: ‘There is wasted and then there is this fella. A different dimension.’



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