Barefoot woman uses a WATERMELON to smash her way into a vintage shop in broad daylight

This is the bizarre moment a bare-foot woman attempts to break in to a shop using a watermelon. The woman repeatedly slams the watermelon on the glass door, smashing it as people watch on in disbelief.





She manages to crack the window with the fruit, which she stole from a fruit shop next door, apparently remaining intact. A member of staff said she had appeared outside the Emmaus vintage furniture store on Bristol’s Gloucester Road at 6pm on Saturday. ‘I’d left at five, so the shop was empty. She seemed the worse for wear, I think the police arrested her later,’ he said. A worker from the Three Wise Monkey’s greengrocers shop next door said the woman had come in and started being abusive. She then stole a watermelon from a display out front and using it to attack the next door premises. ‘She was drunk or maybe on drugs, she was shouting. I didn’t want to stop her, who knows what a person in that state might do?’ he said.



The whole glass panel on the front of the shop was destroyed in the attack. The Emmaus shop worker said she had moved on down the road before police came. One comment under the video, which was posted online, said: ‘I saw the aftermath of this, complete with a very confused policeman.’ Another said: ‘I walked past not long after to find police staring at a broken water melon.’ Avon and Somerset Constabulary confirmed that the woman had been arrested for causing criminal damage and released under investigation. The video starts with the lady throwing the fruit at the door before opting to strike the window from a closer range.



One man hangs over the balcony above the shop, appearing to video record the woman as she batters the door. Emmaus Vintage is a ‘treasure trove of classic and refurbished furniture, fabulous fashion and curios for your home,’ according to their website. They are also a community made up of formerly homeless people looking to get back on their feet.



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