Thug tries to push officer into oncoming traffic as police detain him

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a thug tries to push a police officer into oncoming traffic on a busy dual carriageway. James McVey was stopped by police in Scotland on September 1 last year when they saw him running on the A90 in Dundee and feared for his safety.





He began acting aggressively and attempted to shove PC Kevin Steele into the path of traffic. However, PC Steele’s colleague managed to overpower McVey, 47, and spin him around away from passing traffic. McVey, a builder from Fife, was yesterday convicted of crimes including endangering life. McVey denied the charges on indictment but the jury unanimously convicted him of breach of the peace, assault to injury and danger of life, police assault and resisting arrest.



He was given a community payback order and £300 fine. Dundee Sheriff Court heard that McVey was running home on the A90 Dundee when the officers intervened, fearing for his safety. The incident was captured on the dashcam of a bus in the layby. McVey can be seen dragging PC Steele towards the middle of the road and attempting to push him in front of passing cars.



However, PC Steele managed to avoid being hit by traffic by holding on to McVey, before his colleague PC David Gray was able to help him spin the attacker around against the bus. The two policemen were then able to tackle McVey to the ground before arresting him. It is unclear why he had chosen to run home on the busy A-road.



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