Actress strips off in public in front of two plain-clothes policemen

A German actress famous for playing a nun in a TV show has been fined 1,200 euros, after she exposed herself in a car park in front of plain-clothes police officers. Antje Mönning, 40, flashed her bottom and genitals ‘on a whim’ to three men in a car in Jengen, Bavaria, southern Germany in June this year.





However, she was unaware that the men were police officers carrying out a traffic control, and that they caught her on camera. Ms Mönning is best known to the German public for playing young nun Jenny in sitcom Um Himmels Willen For Heaven’s Sake from 2007 to 2009. Speaking to German tabloid Bild, she says the decision to get out of her car and perform the bizarre striptease show was a spur-of-the moment decision. A few weeks ago, in a parking lot, on a whim, I wagged my buttocks in front of three men who seemed involved in a conversation, slightly lifting my little skirt under which I was naked. ‘I could not tell that these were plainclothes police during a traffic check.’



Ms Mönning claims she only learned that the men she had exposed herself to were police officers when she was charged.,This month, she was found guilty of ‘causing public nuisance’ and ordered to pay a 1,200 euro fine. The actress has slammed the sentence, arguing that the officers did not speak to her or address her in any way to tell her to stop, and say they filmed her without informing her.



Ms Mönning, who has described herself as an ‘exhibitionist’ told the tabloid that nudity should be ‘considered natural’. ‘Do we really want to live in a society where you can not fool around mindlessly, where everyone is secretly recorded on video, in which people sue each other instead of talking to each other and in tolerance and acceptance soon only exist as foreign words in the dictionary?’ Ms Mönning has appealed the fine through her lawyer.



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