Low-flying plane nearly hits jet parked on the runway in Colombia

Heart-stopping footage shows a pilot land a plane inches from a jet parked up on the runway. Horrified bystanders watched as the low-flying DC-3 swooped down over the Taraira airstrip near Colombia’s border with Brazil.



It passed so close that its wheels nearly scraped the jet’s wing. A child can be heard screaming in horror and a man whooping in disbelief as the plane plunges downwards. The clip ends with the aircraft smoothly gliding along the runway after the daredevil maneuver.




It was posted to social media with the strapline ‘Skill or recklessness?’ Argentinian pilot Manuel Mazzucco was among those who commented on the footage.




He wrote: ‘It’s impossible for this pilot to calculate whether his landing gear is going to hit the plane below. ‘I’ve been flying for 20 years and spent the last ten working for an airline and my opinion is definitely that this is recklessness.’ An investigation into the incident has reportedly been launched by Civil Aviation authorities.

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