15 Men Investigated Over Missing Saudi Journalist Are Caught On Camera

On Tuesday, Saudi officials gave three Turkish police investigators access to all parts of the consulate, excluding the nearby consul’s residence.

Turkish officials were last night considering whether to dig up the garden of the Saudi Arabian consul general in Istanbul to see if the remains of Jamal Khashoggi are buried there.

Sources close to the investigation said they believe the journalist was dragged from Mohammed al-Otaiba’s office before being murdered by two men who then cut up his body. One told respected online publication, Middle East Eye: ‘We know when Jamal was killed, in which room he was killed and where the body was taken to be dismembered. If the forensic team are allowed in they know exactly where to go’.

Men Kidnap Journalist

Khashoggi had arrived at the consulate in Istanbul shortly after 1pm on Oct 2nd to collect papers showing he was divorced in Saudi Arabia and free to marry his fiance the next day. Half an hour before he turned up the local Turkish staff working at the embassy were told to take the rest of the day off because a high-level diplomatic meeting was planned for the afternoon.

Shortly afterward two men arrived, dragging the 59-year-old off into another room where they killed him., it was claimed

Men Caught On Camera

It’s not known how the journalist was killed, but the body was then taken to a third room where it was dismembered. This is because one of the 22 vehicles registered to the consulate left the building at 3.15pm and went 200 metres to the address.

The Turkish authorities are believed to have audio and video evidence of the killing but it’s not known how they got it. But, it seems unlikely Saudi Arabia would allow Turkish officials to dig up the garden at the consul.

Video Evidence By Disappearance

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