Crab Gets Revenge on Joker Who Poses With It… As It Snaps His Tongue

Sometimes in life, one only has oneself to blame – for instance, if one decides to place something sensitive between the pincers of a live crab.

Rama Rao, 37, suffered the swift justice of foolishness after he played around with a live crab in order to show off in front of his friends in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Video footage shows him holding the large crab in his hands while sticking his tongue out to lick its open claw. Playing with fire: Unsurprisingly, posing with your tongue between the pincers of a live crab can lead to the crab grabbing it

Man Plays With Crab

Mr. Rao had reportedly purchased the live crab at a nearby market and decided to joke around with the animal before turning it into dinner. When the creature seems disinterested, he keeps provoking it by wiggling his tongue in its open claw.

Unsurprisingly, the crab then clamps down on Mr. Rao’s tongue with all its might.

Crab Exacts Revenge

Darwin award.

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