Close up footage shows Gator crush Watermelon in one easy bite

A whole watermelon in one bite it’s no obstacle for this alligator.





Jawbreaker candy might be last things these reptilian behemoths fear, as footage released online shows an alligator destroying a whole watermelon with the incredible force of its jaw. Elvis, a 12 foot alligator residing at Colorado Gator Farm, was filmed by Jason Mcdonald demolishing the watermelons with its ferocious bites.



Mr Mcdonald said the idea for the video came to him after he wondered what sort of damage an alligator’s bite could have. “Having been bitten by a smaller gator I was curious what would happen if a very large one like Elvis was to bite me,” Mr Mcdonald went on to say.



The American alligator is thought to have the world’s third most powerful bite, with a force of around 2,125 pounds per square inch (psi) snapping down on their target. It is their distant cousins, the saltwater crocodile and the Nile crocodile, who are the world’s first and second most powerful biters respectively.



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