Drunk Man Scales 150Ft Bridge to Escape Police After Being Refused Drink at a Pub in Wales

A pub-goer who climbed to the top of a 150ft suspension bridge to escape police after being refused a drink in a pub has been jailed.

Video footage captures Craig Lee Jones, 31, walking along the railings to the highest point of the Menai Suspension Bridge, where he remained for an hour. The clip shows him climbing up to the highest point, with his arms outstretched, then wandering around on the top with his hands in his pockets.

Man Climbs Bridge

Paramedics, firefighters, coastguards and an RNLI lifeboat supported the police in trying to get Jones down from the bridge safely.
Police had to close off the bridge causing two-hour long tailbacks while Jones walked along the railings with his t-shirt off and made phone calls, it was heard.

Drunk Man Climbs 250ft

He came down voluntarily after an hour at the top.

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