Jogger has a narrow escape when skateboarder hurtles through the air towards her as he performs a stunt

This is the moment a jogger is left terrified after a skateboarder performed a mid-air trick in her path, missing ploughing into her by seconds.





Skater Cesar Clara is left in a heap after he is forced to stop his trick mid-air sending him crashing onto the concrete steps in Los Angeles. The video starts as two skateboarders perform stunts on a set of steps. One skateboarder is seen successfully performing a turn in the air and landing safely on the footpath.



But it does not go so smoothly for Clara who attempts his trick, failing to see the woman running around the corner, who’s obscured from his view, straight into his path.



The jogger screams as she sees the him as he is forced to turn mid-air to avoid her which leaves her screaming in panic. He then is seen falling onto the ground in front of her as she panics, jumping up and down.



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