White van drives off at speed with angry woman on bonnet

This is the shocking moment a woman was seen clinging for her life on the bonnet of a van as it speeds down the street.





Video shows the woman – in her 40s – having an argument with the driver while standing in front of the van on a residential street. The van ploughs into the woman and she’s forced to hold onto the bonnet as the vehicle accelerates down the road. Screams can be heard as she’s launched into the air when the van flies over a speed bump.



The terrifying clip was filmed in the Church End and Roundwood area of North West London, known to locals as Church Road. The video was uploaded to Twitter with the caption: ‘Somewhere in church road, north west London’.



The footage has been shared almost more than 2,000 times. The van driver can be heard beeping the horn at the woman as witnesses to the altercation shout ‘Get out of the way’.



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