Cowardly Man Punches Man With Autism Several Times Because He Wouldn’t Move Fast Enough in Line at in-n-out’

Law enforcement is looking for a suspect in an assault on a man with special needs outside an In-N-Out Burger restaurant in Orange County, California last month.

Westminster Police Department called for help via their Facebook page Tuesday as they described a man who launched an attack on the 39-year-old victim named Chad who has Autism.

Wednesday’s cell phone footage shows the situation after the initial confrontation with victim Chad whose mother says he was hit in the face twice.

During the video, the man tells Chad ‘because you hit me’ in response to being asked why he behaved violently. Throughout the recording, the alleged victim’s mother can be heard trying to convince her son to calm down.

Guy Fights Kid WIth Autism

Before collecting his junk food the suspect then appears to pounce again as the camera is knocked off focus and pans to the ground. When it is brought back into position the suspect can be seen spinning around in a boxing-style stance with his fists up.

As the accused man walks away backward from the food collection windows he quips back ‘Because you’re a f**king retard. You are a godd**n retard,’ as an emotional Chad reacts simply with ‘What?’.

Man Punces Kid With Autism

While the suspect continues to aggravate the alleged victim by saying ‘Goodbye Chad,’ he responds, ‘You’re f**king stupid. F**king idiot.’

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