Dad Makes Creepy Discovery While Testing Out New Baby Monitor

The Irish man was testing out the newly purchased monitor in his home when he got the fright of his life.



The video shows the man playing with the monitor, talking to himself as he figures out how to use it. The screen is focused on his baby, then he starts moving the screen to change what he can see.

He then says ‘let me check if I can get your face’, pressing some buttons which allow him to move the screen upwards. As he does this, he sings in a cheerful tone ‘say hello Lis-‘ before abruptly stopping and cursing to himself.


The screen is focused on his baby


His reason for doing so is because, if you look closely, you can see something that looks like a black figure poking its head out of a door in the background of the monitor.

His next words uttered are ‘what the f*ck’ before he rushes out of the room he was in towards the stairs. While he does this, he shouts ‘Lisa, what’s behind you?’ and begins running up the stairs to his baby’s room.


Dad Makes Creepy Discovery While Testing Out New Baby Monitor


Lisa, clearly confused, can be heard asking ‘what’ and then ‘nothing’ as he enters the room. He rushes to the door where he saw the figure, checking behind it and saying ‘seriously, I swear to God’.

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