Antifa Thug Screams at Woman Claiming to Be 9/11 Widow, “Your Husband Should Rot”

Foul-mouthed leftists seen hurling a verbal attack on a 9/11 widow in a viral video ended up running scared after more of the scene was revealed.

Heated political confrontations filled sections of Portland, Oregon during clashes between the far right Proud Boys and leftist antifascists on Saturday after “a conservative group organized a ‘flash march for Law and Order,’” The Washington Post reported.

Thug Screams At 911 Widow

A particularly disturbing moment was witnessed in video that showed an Antifa member slinging a nasty verbal assault at a woman who claimed her husband was murdered in the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

While the man’s identity remained a mystery, Twitter users were pleasantly surprised to see new footage that showed the Antifa thug was sent running scared when confronted by a reported member of the ‘Proud Boys.’

Man Harrases Woman

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