Great white shark snatches bait inches away from boat

This is the incredible moment a great white shark leaps out of the water in front of a tourist boat as it lunges for bait. Footage captured the once-in-lifetime moment in Mossel Bay, South Africa and shows the predator breaching.





The term is used to describe how sharks use the element of surprise to capture prey swimming near the surface. The clear blue water looks still apart from a shoal of fish swimming next to a rope used as tackled which has been thrown into the ocean. Suddenly the huge grey shark plunges through the surface of the water throwing its whole body out as it grabs on to the bait.



Gasps can be heard from onlookers as the shark’s tail splashes them from the force of the jump. The deadly shark, which is almost the length of the boat, tries to swim away with it’s newly caught dinner.



The shark thrashes it’s tail wildly as it tries to break the met free from the rope. It eventually breaks free swims away with the fresh catch. South Africa is known for its dense population of great white sharks, who prey on the seals and attract tourists.



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