‘Don’t Be a Baby, OK?’ Trump Snaps at Reporter Who Asked Him if He Had Evidence of His Claim That Migrant Caravan Is Full of ‘Hardened Criminals’

President Donald Trump snapped at a New York Times reporter by calling her a ‘baby’ when she challenged his claims about migrants being ‘hardened criminals.’

Trump was fielding questions from the press while hosting a roundtable Friday at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix.

The president was asked questions about the large caravan of migrants that was heading through Central America on its way to the U.S.-Mexico border.

At one point during the briefing, Emily Cochrane, a reporter for The New York Times, asked Trump: ‘What evidence do you have that these are hardened criminals that are coming to the United States?’

Trump Snaps At Reporter

Trump appeared agitated.

‘Oh please. Please, don’t be a baby, OK,’ the president said. ‘Take a look, just take a look, look at what’s happening, look at the Mexican soldiers that are laying on the ground.

Don't Be A Baby

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted that if the caravan was permitted to get to the U.S., Washington would retaliate by cutting aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

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