Houston Texans Fan Knocked Out by Jacksonville Jaguars Supporter During Horrific Brawl at Nfl Game

A FAN was knocked unconscious with ONE punch after a sickening brawl broke out in the stands of an NFL game this weekend. The Houston Texans fan was knocked out cold by a Jacksonville Jaguars supporter during the match in Florida.

The hook to the face sparked a mass brawl as dozens of fans piled in to get in on the action. The man knocked to the steps in the arena eventually appears to come round during the NFL game.

Fans Engage In Fight

But not before a female friend of his takes a few wild swings of her own in the incredible scenes. The entire scrap was filmed by another fan in the TIAA Bank Field Stadium in Jacksonville – and posted to Facebook.

Fans Knocks Guy Out With One Punch

Despite only being shared on social media 14 hours ago, the disturbing clip has already racked up close to one million views.

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