Huge Fireball Dominates the Skyline in Mexico City as an Alcohol Factory Explodes

An explosion at an alcohol factory forced thousands to evacuate their homes in Mexico City. The blast happened Monday right before 5 pm in the capital of Mexico, leaving one person injured.

Fireballs shot high in the sky and were visible from various points of the city. Photos and video were captured showing the dramatic scene.

The Secretary of Civil Protection announced that the fire was controlled after teams of firefighters moved to the scene to extinguish the flames.

Huge FIreball Over Mexico

‘The fire at the alcohol factory is under control. One person was injured and 2,000 were evacuated,’ Fausto Lugo tweeted two hours after the fire first started.

He added that a tank in the factory had exploded, sparking the massive fire.

Fire Left One Elderly Man Injured

A 65-year-old man was left with burn injuries and is being treated.

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