Deep sea fishermen are rescued from rapidly sinking boat

This is the terrifying moment two men leap from a boat that is rapidly sinking in the Irish Sea. Fishermen on another boat approached the vessel which was disappearing into the watery depths below in County Down in Northern Ireland.





Two men in life-jackets were perched at the bow of the boat and hastily jumped into the water before the boat fell below the waves. The fishermen spotted the boat sinking and quickly went to save skipper of the Ardglass-registered boat the Snowdonia Stephen Kearney and his crewmate stranded on their boat, according to the Belfast Telegraph. Airidas Grabauskas in the passing trawler Tribute filmed the doomed vessel rapidly sinking and falling apart, scattering debris in the Irish Sea.



Upon seeing the two men, Mr Grabauskas told them to get to the right-hand side of the boat where they could be picked up. Within a few metres of them getting closer to the incident, the boat can be seen half underwater.



The two men on board manage to jump into the sea before the boat disappears into the water. They’re seen swimming away from the vessel which goes below the waves within seconds of them abandoning it.



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