Backhoe Driver Has The Last Laugh After Being Jumped By 2 Guys!

Two men start viciously pummelling the excavator driver who is cornered inside the vehicle but when they leave he exacts the ultimate revenge by mercilessly crushing their car.



A shocking if questionable video has emerged showing two men apparently viciously assault the operator of an excavator- before he exacts revenge by mercilessly smashing up their car. It is not clear whether the video is real or fake. But this happened in Russia, and we know how crazy things can get there.

Footage shows the large excavating machine working on a snow-covered road when a bright green car pulls up and two men jump out, waving frantically as if asking the excavator operator to move. But the operator makes no effort to leave the road and continues with its work.


Backhoe Driver Has The Last Laugh After Being Jumped By 2 Guys!


The two men suddenly leap up onto the machine and appear to viciously pummel and kick the operator who is cornered in the machine cabin. The unnamed person who filmed the incident gets out of their own vehicle as the fight breaks out, and appears to shout at the men who suddenly turn around to face the camera.

They then march menacingly towards the camera but as they do, the excavator grips their car, crunching its metal digger head through the car windscreen.


The green car was then mercilessly smashed by the digger


It drags the car up by the back and tips it forward before methodically smashing and crushing it until it crumples into a mess of green metal.

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