Diver wrestles with SHARKS to remove fishing hooks from its jaws

This is the incredible moment a fearless diver ‘wrestled’ with a shark as he attempted to remove fishing hooks caught in its mouth. Troy Illoski, 51, captured footage of the shark while visiting Grand Bahama, the northernmost island in the Bahamas.





The clip followed the so-called ‘shark whisperer’ Riccardo Sturla Avogadri as he removed fish hooks from the shark’s mouth and gills. He clung to the shark’s body as he hunted for the metal objects, lifting the creature on its nose as he then attempted to remove them. The fish, which is believed to be a lemon shark, was then released by the diver after he successfully freed it of the hooks.



Mr Illoski, an engineer and shark conservationist from Haskell, New Jersey, said: ‘I frequently visit these waters around the Bahamas to film the sharks. ‘Most of the sharks in the photos are lemon sharks and Caribbean reef sharks. ‘When Riccardo spotted a shark with a fish hook, he lured him with a bait and then he started to massage the area around the nose.’ The conservationist said that by massaging the shark’s nose, Mr Avogadri was able to coax it into a trance-like state.



He said: ‘This puts the shark in relaxed tonic mode [for] up to 15 minutes – the technique is used to [examine] the sharks without harming them. ‘Some of the hooks are deeply embedded in the shark’s mouth or the gills, and he has to stick the arm inside the mouth to remove the hooks, which appears that he is wrestling with the shark. ‘Protecting and saving the sharks is very important part for a healthy ecosystem, since half of the oxygen on the earth comes from the ocean.’



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