Window cleaner stands on the fourth floor ledge of a building

This daredevil window cleaner has been labelled a wannabe ‘Spider-Man’ after being spotted working on the top of a four-storey building with no harness or safety ropes.



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Dad-of-five Pete Newman was on his balcony in Belgravia yesterday morning when he thought he had witnessed a burglary before realising it was a shiner giving his neighbour’s windows a polish. Balancing an estimated 50-feet from the ground, the tradesman remained up there for 15 minutes, even kneeling on the tiny window ledge to get a closer look.



The man, believed to be in his 30s, then appeared to lean over the edge while he scrubbed the outside of the window. Retired DJ, Pete, 55, admits he was shocked at the risk-taker’s ‘dangerous’ actions and had never seen the man outside the London property before.



The hobbyist photographer regularly enjoys walks around London in his spare time and admits he’s seen some bizarre scenes, but this left him more on edge than ever. After getting a quick video of the ‘danger man’, he went back inside and doesn’t know the man’s fate.



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