Baffled Couple Spend Several Minutes Trying to Get Into a Car – Before Realising It’s Not Theirs

This is the hilarious moment a couple spends ages trying to get into their car – before realizing their actual vehicle is just behind them.

The couple was returning with a trolley of shopping outside a Morrisons store in Weymouth, Dorset on Sunday when the footage was recorded.

It shows the man and woman standing by a red Mazda, repeatedly trying to open the door and not realizing that behind them and just two spaces away, is their actual car, which is the exact same model.

Couple Try To Unlock Wrong Car

At one point, the man even cups the key fob in his hand, and appears to say: ‘It’s dead because the light’s gone.’

Lorry driver Brad Roads, who was parked behind them, caught the entire spectacle on his phone.

THe Moment OF Realization

I hope they haven’t reproduced…

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