Thieves Are Arrested After Belgian Shop Owner Told Them to Come Back Later

A group of armed men was caught in Belgium yesterday after a quick-thinking shop owner came up with a ruse to trap them. The shop worker told them to ‘come back later’ last Saturday afternoon, claiming there wasn’t enough money in the cash register.

The owner of the e-cigarette shop in Charleroi, who identified himself at Didier, said that six men armed with guns entered his store at 3 p.m. and demanded he hands over all the money.

Show Owner Tells Thieves To Comeback Later

Remarkably, the group left and Didier seized the opportunity to contact the police. ‘They weren’t the brightest,’ Didier explained, and the police were not convinced the group would return.

However, the group returned at 5.30 p.m. to collect their cash. And you can guess what happened next to them…

Thieves Arrested

The group took Didier’s advice, and when they returned an hour later, undercover police officers were waiting to arrest them.

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