Man knocks out topless drunk who urinated on his fence

This is the shocking moment an enraged father knocked out a shirtless ‘drunk’ man who urinated on his garden fence. The video shows the stranger, wearing black gloves, take off his shirt and square up for a fight outside the home in the Hertfordshire town of Bushey.





After a long argument, during which a child can be heard crying and a woman calls police, the sickening violence suddenly erupts. The father appears to knock the topless man out with a single blow and then delivers a kick to his prostrate body, yelling: ‘I f***ing warned you!’ The video begins with the drunk man, who has a goatee and is wearing black gloves, addressing the man with his family as a ‘d***head’. He briefly attempts to forcibly reach the man with his family but is rebuffed and warned to stay away from the house.



The drunk man then begins to unbutton his shirt, saying ‘come on, d***head’, as he is told by the man and his wife to stay away from his house. The man attempts to regain entry to the property and takes his shirt off completely, which causes a child off camera to start crying and screaming. The father stands guard at the gate to their home and keeps the drunk man at bay. As the situation escalates with the child becoming distressed, a woman’s voice off camera can be heard calling the police and giving details of where they live. She can be heard telling police that the man had urinated on their garden fence.



The father says: ‘You’re on my property. You’re in front of my children and my wife. Move on. Take your stuff and move on.’ As the drunk man refuses to let the family go past or leave them, the father suddenly says: ‘For f***’s sake’. He then lashes out, knocking him unconscious immediately, and leaves him to fall to the ground. He goes over to the now-unconscious man on the pavement and shouts: ‘C***’. He kicks him in a moment of anger and says: ‘I f***ing warned you’, as the child can be heard off camera softly crying.



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