Stunning moment eagle owl swoops through the tiny gap between two people’s legs

These two individuals were left stunned when a super-agile owl flew between them while they were just a foot apart. In the slow motion footage, the spotted eagle owl can be seen heading straight for Ken Torr and another volunteer, Gemma, only to manouver itself to fit through the smallest of gaps at the last second.





From there, the bird landed on the arm of a handler the treat in their hand the incentive for the agile bird. The footage was filmed by Ken’s grandson, David Dundas, 34, at Barn Owl Hollow, near Market Harborough, in the UK. Since shooting the video on Tuesday, October 23, David has received a number of positive responses across social media.



The eagle owl is native to Africa and, being nocturnal, has to hunt in total darkness so it has superbly well developed night vision. The yellow-eyed owl in this video, however, may be using its exceptional hearing skills.



As the meat slaps against the glove of the handler it makes a noise that the owl is capable of pinpointing from a distance. The ears of the owl are placed within the big facial disc, which helps to amplify the sound of moving rodents and insects which makes this impressive feat a relatively easy one for the bird.



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